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Amount of time

Keep in mind that the tattoo television shows can be very deceiving on how long a tattoo actually takes. Many of the tattoos that are said to take just four hours for an entire sleeve is an outright falsehood.  Always talk to your tattoo artist about reasonable timelines for completion. 


Another thing to consider is cheap tattoos aren’t good and good tattoos aren’t cheap. We’ve seen time and again someone come in for an estimate then go shopping around for the cheapest price. They find the cheap price, get a poorly done tattoo and show up months later at our door asking us to repair the shabby work.  We’re happy to overhaul bad tattoos and even cover them up but it’s wise to know exactly what you’re getting for the money you’re spending.


Health & Safety

It is a common misconception that because a tattoo shop has a sign outside that reads “tattoo,” that it means quality work. Almost anyone can open a tattoo shop in Texas. All you need is a state-issued license and many shops decide to roll the dice and not get one. Tattoos are not ordered from a company and applied in a universal way. And yes, Lone Star Tattoo is licensed by the Texas Department of Health since opening in 2005!

Do Your Research

Another thing to look out for is the color-bomb hyper realism tattooing. Many people don’t know that the pictures they see online/social media of these colorful and realistic works with no outlines are pics taken when the tattoo has just been completed and many times “touched up” in photoshop to make them appear more realistic. If you are able to view a pic of the fresh tattoo then view a pic of the same tattoo just a few months later you’ll see the tattoo has drastically changed and looks nothing like the fresh (often doctored) picture.

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