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Jack The Piercer

We’re proud to call Jack, known as “Jack The Piercer”, Lone Star Tattoo’s in-house resident piercer. On top of having a vast knowledge of human anatomy, Jack’s piercing skills have earned her sponsorships from the well-known piercing jewelry manufacturer, Invictus Body Jewelry as well as the Neilmed Piercing Aftercare company.

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About Jack The Piercer

Professional, thorough, and kind are just a few of words that describe Jack’s work ethic. Capable of doing just about any piercing imaginable, Jack’s favorite piercings range from “ear curations” (multiple ear piercings fashioned in an almost artistic way) to piercing female genitalia, which she refers to as “empowerment piercings”. Not only are piercings and high-quality jewelry ascetically pleasing, many clients use their piercing experience as a form self-healing and personal empowerment. Jack thrives on collaborating with her clients in helping pick out jewelry that matches one’s style, character, and preference. She knows her stuff!

Jack’s personal preference is to pierce with top-quality implant grade titanium. Surgical steele and/or 14k or 24k gold jewelry is also an option! Jack carries a wide array of piercing jewelry and if you don’t find what you’re looking for in her collection, she’s got catalogs on hand for any special orders!

On top of enjoying poking holes in people, Jack The Piercer enjoys reading, yoga, nature, and of course, cuddling up with her dog, Desmond! If you have any questions for Jack, don’t hesitate to call the shop or come on by. She’s happy to walk you through the process as well as pricing piercings and jewelry.

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