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Scott Cooksey

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About Scott Cooksey

Owner of Lone Star Tattoo, Scott Cooksey, began tattooing in 1995. In the early days, Scott tattooed at shops in Dallas’ Deep Ellum downtown nightlife districts. Early on, Scott became passionate and knowledgeable in the American Traditional and irezumi- traditional Japanese motifs. Intensely studying the tattoo masters like Horiyoshi III, Hokusai (Japanese painter 1760-1849), Sailor Jerry Collins, Bert Grimm and Don Ed Hardy, and being influenced by the likes of Austin tattooers Dave Lum and Chris Trevino. Scott fine tuned his craft of tattooing into what some call “Texas Style” tattooing. Before opening Lone Star Tattoo in 2005, Scott spent part of each year on the road traveling to other tattoo shops around the country as a guest artist and attending tattoo conventions.

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