Japanese Irezumi Style Tattooing in Dallas


Scott Cooksey has dedicated 25 years of his tattooing career here in the North Dallas/DFW area to the Japanese Irezumi style of tattooing. Focusing on accuracy in design, layout, and theme, Scott strives to keep the imagery as accurate and authentic as possible. Tattooing timeless imagery that will last a lifetime in all sizes from a single image, half-sleeve, full-leg, full-sleeve, or chest to a backpiece or full bodysuit.

Traditional Irezumi Style Tattoos

Applying Irezumi on all types of clients, male and female, and all tones of skin is common practice. Traditional Japanese tattoos are for people from all walks of life and professions from the blue-collar oil field workers of west Texas to police, fire, first responders, teachers and doctors. Using only the highest quality tattoo inks, needles, machines, and supplies, Scott works quickly and efficiently. The client leaves satisfied that one’s received a large amount of exceptional work for your hard-earned money. 

Our Approach to Traditional Japanese Tattoos in Dallas

Scott’s approach to the Irezumi style tattooing is simple- Hes starts with an in-person consultation with the client. At the consultation you can expect guidance on the main theme you’ve chose as well as a discussion about placement and color choice. You can also expect to discuss the hourly rate of the work, deposit information, aftercare guidance and appointment setting. If the client doesn’t already have the main subject matter, Scott can make suggestions based on what you want your tattoo to mean to you. This subject matter often includes Mythological creatures like dragons, kirins, baku, phoenix, hannya, Koi (carp), samurai, snakes, tiger, spider, namakubi, yokia, tigers, snakes, shi shi (foo dog), oni, Raijin, Fudo and other protector deities. These are common imagery of the Irezumi tattoo style. In many cases clients want certain imagery just because they like the look of it rather than it having a deep meaning. There’s no rules to that. Once the main idea is decided then Scott proceeds to suggest the surrounding imagery of the main imagery chosen. This includes an array of traditional Japanese flowers that can accompany the main figures and options such as flowers like the peony, cherry blossoms, plumb blossom, chrysanthemum, as well as maple leaves, good luck charms, etc. And of course, it has to all be tied together with the traditional Japanese style background. This includes “wind bars”, clouds, “finger” waves, rocks, flames and any natural or supernatural elements. The background imagery is the common thread that ties the whole design and story together to give it that classic and authentic appearance. There are some guidelines and rules into compositions of large Irezumi work. Some flowers go with some imagery, certain flowers of certain seasons will go with just some imagery. The color of a maple leaf will signify what season it is. Cherry blossoms will also signify what season it could be. Endless possibilities. An Irezumi masterpiece is deeply powerful. Every tattoo done in the Irezumi fashion tells a story about the adorner. 

History of Japanese Irezumi Style Tattoos

Traditional Japanese tattooing, aka Irezumi, originated during the Edo period (1603-1868). Woodblock prints from the Edo period played a significant role in the creation and design of the Irezumi tattoo. The woodblock prints of the Edo period in Japan had become increasingly popular back then and opened up more creative doors for tattooers or “horishi” to produce more thought-out and creative tattoo imagery. Woodblock carvers, kite makers, and painters were among the first to tattoo this classic imagery. The great Japanese artists Hokusai and Kuniyoshi’s works have been highly influential in modern Irezumi tattooing. Clients desiring darker and frightful imagery often used Hokusai and Kuniyoshi imagery and influence in depicting the attractive more dark and mythological style in their art. Many different classes and craftsmen from the Edo period and beyond had tattoos of certain imagery representing roles they played in society. For example, firefighters had a very risky job. They would get full body suits as a spiritually protective good luck suit to shield them from the dangers of fighting fires. Common imagery seen with these firefighters’ tattoos often featured scenes with dragons and water symbolizing their battle against fire. 

Choosing a Japanese Tattoo Artist

Japanese tattooing has gained significant popularity over the last 20 years and is more popular than ever. There are plenty of artists that do Japanese tattooing, but consider that they all have a certain degree of skill and a certain degree of accuracy in the craft. If one does a basic Google search you will find some Japanese imagery, but if you dig hard enough, you’ll realize that much of these images are not composed correctly and have a non-authentic look. If you’re looking for proper tattooing in the Japanese Irezumi motif one must include the word “Irezumi” in your search. When searching for an Irezumi artist that suits you best, the proof is in their portfolio pictures. Social media popularity means nothing in choosing a properly qualified artist for the job. Look for pictures of healed tattoos that have been settled into the skin. Any tattooer can post a new picture of a fresh tattoo that looks incredible, but that doesn’t mean that it will heal exactly looking the way that it does fresh. What you’re looking for in a traditional Japanese tattoo is accuracy of the design and theme, solid and clean black lines, smooth and well-thought-out shading and coloring balance and background composition. The coloring should not be uneven, splotchy, or scratchy. Color and black shading should heal nice and smooth and have the opaque appearance of melted crayons.

Nowadays in the west and even common in modern Japan, tattoo machines are used to produce the Irezumi tattoo rather than the historic tradition of the Tabori application. In the past, Japanese tattooing has primarily been done with the a needle-bearing tool and in application called Tabori. This method has a great look to it when it’s been applied properly. Tabori takes years and years of experience under a master to apply a clean looking and solid tattoo with this method. Although he deeply respects the application of the Tabori tattoo Scott strictly uses modern tattoo machines. Modern tattoo machines apply more clean, consistent, and solid line work as well as being able to pack color more smooth and more opaque. Not to mention modern tattoo machines get the job done much quicker than the classic and unfortunately outdated Tabori. There are many excellent Tabori artist still practicing the craft around the world. These people have decades and decades of experience under the guise of their master.

If you’re thinking about getting a traditional Japanese tattoo in Dallas, contact Lone Star Tattoo for a consultation.

Great shop! Mark did great work...my wife and myself got tattoos that honor our son.
Robert B.
This is my first tattoo and it was a great experience. The staff is super laid back and friendly. Definitely going back there if I decide to get another one.
Joe S.
Still best in DFW. Have a really great tattoo from there, and Matt is super cool and great at his craft of piercing
Eric C.
Loved it. I went to Josefine and she did such amazing work.
Amaris Von G
Rob did a great job communicating about my design and making sure we got a final image that we both love. Full of great ideas and a big personality.
Kameron A.
Rob was great! I told him what I wanted and he exceeded any and all expectations.
Jerry T.
If anyone is think of getting a tattoo please consider this place the whole staff is very awesome and ask for Kat for your tattoo needs she is awesome and very polite and will listen to all your needs plus she easy on the eyes
James H.
I've been to quite a few shops and this is by far my favorite place. Just a bunch of cool people busting out badass tattoos. Kam is an absolute PRO with my black and red sleeve, she even completely rescued a prior tattoo gone bad. Even getting stabbed repeatedly by a tiny needle for hours at a time, I always have a great experience with this shop.
Sam F.
Cam did a fantastic job on our tattoos. It was the first time for my husband and I, second time for our daughter. Reasonably priced, prices starting at $120, average price of ours was $150-200 depending on size and number. We are definitely hooked now 😊
Lena S.
Thin line work is really difficult but Rob made it look easy. He did an amazing job of combining two zodiac pieces into one and tying them into an existing...
Caroline C.
A wonderful experience! Extremely friendly staff, more than up to par hygiene practices, and good deals. Highly reccomend!
Sara W.
Today was my third visit to Lone Star, and just like the previous two times I've been, it was a fantastic experience. Went as a walk in, and was immediately...
Leigh B.
Rob was an excellent artist and I'm very happy w/ my tattoo!
Jason R.
Found this place on yelp prior to coming from Chicago to Dallas. Staff here was very professional and prompt in responding to my request. Kat was a joy to...
Malcolm W.
Matt is a consummate professional. Would recommend to my mother. Check them out!
Holly W.
Everyone was professional and Scott gave me a fantastic piece of art. 10/10 recommend
Hive M.
I just recently got pierced from Matt and had the greatest experience. He advised me where the placement would look best and gave me great aftercare instructions. Would recommend!
Nicole H
I dont have a lot of tattoos...about a dozen or so. I have visited several local studios, and I was originally pleased with their efforts, but then I visited Lone Star Tattoo on Preston just south of Mapleshade. Walked in about a month ago and got a nice octopus from Josefhine and then last week I walked in with my son and got a compass from Ronin and my son got his first ink. Studio is warm and friendly and incredibly accommodating. Both pieces I got look great! I have at least three more pieces that I am looking forward to. Next visit, I will also hopefully have one of the Lone Star artists get my other tats up to what I now expect from a quality studio. Lone Star will definitely get all of my future business.
Todd P.
Second review of this awesome shop. Had the pleasure of being tattooed by Lance today, and he is amazing. He's incredibly personable, and funny. He's...
Leigh B.
Great charcoal grill music tavern非常棒的炭火烧烤音乐酒馆
chengx X.
Very friendly service, well informed and knowledgeable. Quick action and very considerate to not rush too. It was a fun experience. Very clean and felt very comfortable to get the ear piercing.
aparna S.
The place was clean and everyone was super nice. If you're looking for a place for tattoos or piercings, this is the place. You won't be disappointed.
Angela M.
Should have left this review ages ago.I found them by accident at about 17 when my friend wanted to get her lip pierced. Matt, their piercer is a super nice dude. I ended up getting a bunch of my tattoos (and a few piercings!) there and have never been disappointed. No infections, relatively painless, and phenomenal work. I came back into town from California and got four done by Josefhine on Sunday (10.31.21) and could not have been happier with her work. She was the BEST.My friend got worked on my Kam at the same time, and equally enjoyed the experience. The ladies were all around very nice to socialise with while getting worked on.I will always go here for my work when possible. I just hate that I live so far away now.
San H.
Josh is AWESOME. Getting my first sleeve done - I checked out 4 or 5 shops until I found Lone Star. Clean, laid back, and tons of knowledge from all the staff. The feel of the place brings back good memories of the live music scene in Deep Ellum years ago, just the right amount of Texas dive bar - great music and excited people.I went in with an idea of what I thought I wanted... but Josh was completely candid and honest and educated me on what actually makes a great tattoo, and I'm glad he took the time to talk me through it instead of just trying to make my idea work. He's using my daughters art to cover my arm in ink, and I couldn't be happier with it so far. He works quickly and accurately, and you can tell he, Rob, and the other staff love their job. I'm three sessions in, and look forward to the end. I just don't know when I'm going to be able to stop...
Robert G.
I cannot say enough good things about this shop. Everyone I met was so friendly and went above and beyond on making me feel comfortable, heard, and happy!! Rob did my leg tattoo in the picture and he was also amazing!! Chill environment on top of everything else:))
Gabbi R.
Our Tattoo artist Miss Kameron was very, professional and awsome.
Eduardo V.
עושים עבודה מקצועית וטובה
יאיר א.
Originally came in to get a Medusa piercing, but luckily Matt was there educate me about how the piercing can hurt my teeth and gums. Ended up getting my triples re-pierced instead, and Matt made sure to adjust the placement of the new ones, since the old ones were apparently done incorrectly. Very knowledgeable, professional, and nice guy. Will be back for any future piercing inquiries.
My friend and I walked in and were helped promptly and professionally. Everyone that worked there seemed pretty cool. & we both loved our tattoos. I’m here in town for another week so I’ll def be back.Thanks Josh for my awesome piece!!
Shante L.
My girlfriend and I got two amazing tattoos by Kameron!
Carly C
I went in there for the first time on Friday the 13'th. I read they had specials on piercings. I went in and got a double helix done. The wait for piercing took a while as they were very busy for Friday the 13'th. While waiting, the front desk individual was super nice and told me about how many people were ahead of me and about how much longer I would have to wait.Once it was my turn, Matt greeted me and had me follow him back to the piercing room. Matt is a super cool guy. He was very calm and made it to the point where nerves of a new piercing weren't there. He talked me through the process the entire time and was very professional with telling me I was doing great and called me homie multiple times. It was 100% worth the wait to have him do my double helix. I wouldn't want anyone else to pierce my ears from now on! I have had bad piercing experiences and he totally made it worth it and is amazing.Thanks Matt for everything!
Linzie H.
My daughter and I went for matching tattoos for her Birthday. Walk-In on a Saturday. Josh was amazing, got them knocked out in no time and they look amazing. So happy we got to check off a bucket list item and grateful to Josh and the team at Lone Star… already planning my next one!
Monica C.
Milan did such a great job on my tattoo! She was very kind and patient with me while we figured out what would look best and I was really impressed with how gentle she was (especially in the tender spots around my elbow). I'm so glad I chose her and I can't wait to come back and add to my new sleeve!I'll add photos once it heals a bit.
Katy R.
I got my nose pierced and Matt was great. He was super friendly and made me feel at ease & he even helped me with an issue I had with piercings I got elsewhere 🙂
Cam A.
I went in for 3 piercings in one sitting and was super nervous. Matt was calm and clearly explained each step. The whole process was quick and stress free! Can't wait to go back for more!
Erin K.
came in for a smallish arm piece, and it was such a great experience! everyone was so friendly and well informed, it was a clean space and i felt very welcomed and taken care of. Kameron did an amazing job, gave me clear info on aftercare, and my tattoo looks super sick!! absolutely recommend coming here 🙂
Jaylyn L.
Had a great appt with Kameron there. Cool vibe and aesthetic too.
Professional staff, I highly recommend this place.
David M.
K’Lee was great! My boyfriend and I got nose piercings out of town and his was so swollen that it needed a longer bar . Even though she didn’t do the initial piercing she was so helpful and did everything she could to help fix someone else’s mistake. We were also able to be seen within 30 min of calling before hand. The whole staff was friendly as well. Thank you again for taking care of us!
Mikayla M.
Great work, Justin is awesome!
Jeff Y.
Andrea Gibson is the BEST!
Kellie B.
Matt gave my friend and i some cool new piercings, and an awesome experience. Definitely coming back
Mariah D.
I mean super professional! Very clean and quick. I will definitely be back for more work. Came for a tongue piercing. Love love love the atmosphere!!!
LaTosha J.
I took my daughter to get her nose pierced and was extremely impressed! She was nervous and Matt was wonderful with her! We did not have an appointment and were seen right away. Will definitely be back.
Emily T.
Awesome people of all kinds and the artist was hilarious (and talented)! Great experience with my daughter🥰
Carrie M.
My peirceing was verry fast and berley painful great service and verry nice
Holly B.
Matt was wonderful! I finally got a nostril piercing, and I felt completely at ease the entire time. The piercing itself was quick and nearly painless. The shop is clean, sanitary, and I can't wait to go back!
Kate B.
Milan Mone is a fantastic artist who gave me the best tattoo I have. The atmosphere of this tattoo shop is wonderful, and the musical selection was the best I've heard at a tattoo place. Will definitely come back for more from this artist. Can't recommend it enough.
Cole J.
Got a couple pieces done by Rob and couldn't be happier. Very clean shop. Social distancing measures taken. Pleasant and cool people.
Tiffany A
Justin is a great artist. I love my tattoo.
Diego P.
Had an American traditional tattoo done by Scott Cooksey. Couldn’t have found a better shop to do it. Nothing short of an outstanding group of professionals, highly recommend especially for American or Japanese traditional tattooing, though I’m sure the talent here extends far beyond that. Wife also had her nose pierced at the same time and again the experience was great.
Corey W.
I've now received 4 piercings and one tattoo from Lone Star Tattoo. Each time, the experience has been excellent. Matt and Amelia did an awesome job on my piercings (my husband also received one and was super happy), the advice on placement that they offered left me very happy with the end results.I received a tattoo from Andrea today and I had a great experience. She is extremely pleasant, skilled, and was awesome to work with. I love my new tattoo -- it was what had I hoped for, and more!I'd strongly recommend coming here if you're interested in getting a piercing, tattoo, or both.
Jamie P.
Friendly as could be. Excellent work and very fair prices!!! Thank you Rob!
Samuel Neris M.
Amazing work and customer service!
Grace C.
Very skilled artist. New, Clean, very Friendly staff!
Kim W.
Very awesome and friendly people! Felt comfortable and safe when getting my ears pierced the first time. Shout out to Matt! Very cool guy and very professional at what he does!
Rina L.
If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you do not need to look any further than Lone Star Tattoo. I am currently in the process of getting my tattoo with Scott Cooksey and I could not be happier with this studio and with his work. I had my other 3 tattoos done by other artists at other studios and the work and professionalism was nowhere close to what I am experiencing with Lone Star and Scott.While this isn't my first rodeo so to speak, it is still a bit of an intimidating decision given the permanent nature of the art form and Scott has been very easy to work with. He has taken the time to meet with me in person and understand what I would like to see and has operated with the highest level of integrity throughout the whole process to make sure his sketch would be true to the idea for my sleeve.I can say without any hesitation that I would never even think about getting a tattoo from another artist or studio. While I had no plans to have a sleeve on both arms when I started this journey I am so happy with Scott's work that I will be working with him to do a sleeve on my other arm as well.Additionally, Lone Star has a fantastic after-care program. Scott has taken the time to learn the best method to make sure your tattoo heals quickly and stays sharp looking. The attached pictures are after 3 weeks of healing and you can see that the lines look as sharp and dark as they did when I walked out the door. I'll include more photos after colors are added.Take the time to meet with Scott or with any of the other artists at Lone Star to have your tattoo done. It will be worth the extra wait to get in to see them and you will be so pleased with the results.
Jonathan K.
My friend and I got our tounges pierced by Matt and he was amazing 🤩 We were both nervous and he made us feel so comfortable. The shop was clean and process was quick and easy. Matt was very clear with the aftercare instructions. I highly recommend this shop!
Rea G.
I have been tattooed here by 2 different artist and hope to get more from the rest of the crew at some point soon. As for the 2 I have now (full sleeve and a large snake and dagger) I could not be more happy with the service I was provided or the quality of the work. Everyone that works here is awesome, super nice and easy to talk to which makes for a great friendly environment to get tattooed in. I get compliments on my sleeve done by Scott Cooksey ALL THE TIME and if you are looking for a large scale japanese traditional tattoo, he is the freakin man! Can't wait to get my next tattoo from this team!
Caleb P.
Hannah is amazing, brilliant, talented and was flexible and kind. everyone there is always so sweet 🙂 i love all of my tattoos.
Cayleigh W.
Had the best experience with the piercer. He was really thorough in explaining how to clean the piercing afterwards. I’ll definitely be back soon!
Keisha W
Got my first tattoos here over 10 years ago and they still look great.
Tyler S.
BEST SHOP EVER! Just got my ear done there today and I loved the experience. Matt was awesome, the staff was awesome, the whole experience was awesome. I will be back for future ear pericings.
Shaiquiar S.
This is one cool shop with lots of amazing artist. Hannah hooked it up with the most amazing Freedom Chicken! Setting up an appointment was easy just sent an email threw the web sight. Was hit with a fast response and had an appointment set up with in less than 24 hours.These ppl on here with one star reviews mad about a 20 dollar tattoo on Friday the 13th are wrong for that. These artist are friendly and talented.I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a tattoo. Hit up Hannah tell her her Freedom Chicken sent you.Update: 3/7/20 I just came back from my second tattoo here’s with Hannah. Yo I’m telling you go check this shop out and ask for her. She does amazing art work! This shop is super kind and friendly I would definitely recommend them to anyone!Update: 10/03/20 back at it again kicking it with Hannah. Her art work is truly amazing. Hit her up for some fresh ink! Also I can tell you that the other artist are chill AF and super kind to even a first timer. I would send anyone here for a first tattoo or there next tattoo.
Matt was my piercer for my entire family and absolute loved him!!! amazing work and very friendly!! highly recommended!
Parker J.
Great art work, Wayon is awesome and totally worth it.
Tre R.
Friendly, welcoming and clean. Would definitely recommend Lone Star Tattoo, and we would return!
Maranda M.
Both my wife and I had several piercings done by Amelia about 2 weeks ago. The entire experience was fantastic, and the piercings are healing nicely. We will definitely return and recommend.
John P.
I had my nose piercing done by Matt. He was great! The piercing was quick and painless. Matt educated me on how to care for my piercing afterwards. I would most definitely recommend Matt to others.
Veronica B.
I got my first 2 tattoos ever here and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The staff is very helpful and humble and the artists are just as amazing. Hannah did my tattoo and she was wonderful, from great sketches to perfect tattooing. Definitely coming back for more!
Fire “.
Absolutely love my tattoo, Hannah is amazing as always!
dark Q.
Milan is my girl, every time I've gotten tattooed by her it's been fun, professional, and clean. If you want crisp and beautiful blackwork, Milan is the person to go to. Her tattoos are the only ones I have that haven't blown out at all.I've also seen Andrea and Hannah do their thing and they're super cool and professional too. You can't go wrong with any of the tattooers at Lone Star. I would recommend checking out each artist's instagram and seeing whos style you vibe with.
Lei E.
I got my first tattoo done today with Justin G. And I had a wonderful experience! He talked me through the pain and did his best to make sure I was comfortable. His work is amazing and I’m SO satisfied will my new piece! 10/10 will be back again
Ok, so after passing this place a few times I decided to visit. I've been dying for another earing pericing and after reading a few reviews I decided to go.The receptionist greeted me made me feel welcomed so automatically I felt at ease. She introduced me to Matt D. who took the time to talk with me.Before piercing he made sure to show the dotted marks he had made on the upper part of my ear with permanent marker for my approval. Afterwards he gave easy to follow detailed instructions on how to take care of my pericing. If, you guys want a pericing or tattoo in the near future definitely give this place a shot.
Kirneisha B.
Justin is the best!!!
Chels N.
Scott Cooksey is the real deal!! You can't get a more genuine large scale custom piece the way he does it. One of a kind couldn't recommend enough.
Alex V
Fun fun fun! Everyone was friendly. They had jokes and a good vibes!
Christi A.
Had the best experience getting tattoos within days of each other! The prices were super reasonable and the quality was exceptional. I got exactly what I want. Can't wait to go back for more!
Jessica Marie S.
Andrea was awesome, I got a tattoo for a friend that passed and she gave me the perfect tattoo and its beautiful. Thank you so much. 💚
Stephanie S.
Milan was awesome. Loved her patience, style and her ability to put us at ease for this special tattoo. We LOVE it!
Jenee L.
Waylon is the man! Knocked my tattoo out of the park! Went in for my first tattoo, gave him what I was wanting and let him do the rest. 100% satisfied. When I need that 2nd tat, I’ll be back.
Colin W.
Ranika C.
Got my belly button repierced today and holy hell this guy was precise, quick, and funny. It had a thick layer of scar tissue from my previous piercing but he pierced through it with seemingly no problem and with minimal pain. He pulled out a Dahl caliper to measure to fit my exact needs. I am thoroughly impressed and will be back for more!!
Cheyenne D.
Waylon did great work. Super professional and the tattoo turned out amazing. Can't recommend enough
Jon H.
I always love coming to Lone Star Tattoo for work from Andrea! She does a great job making my ideas a reality! Her pieces have all healed beautifully and I get compliments on them all the time! Check her out for your new ink
Emily C.
I recently visited here for my first tattoo, Waylon was my artist and he did an amazing job. He was very helpful and patient with me even though I was nervous. Everyone was friendly and all my questions got answered, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a comfortable atmosphere and quality work
Mikala H.

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