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Lone Star Tattoo specializes in all tattoo styles but is more well known for our skills in American traditional and Japanese style tattooing. We’re also known for being a tidy and reliable establishment where you can get expert and accurate tattoo work. We pride ourselves on maintaining a sterile, well-kept environment where you can get a safe, clean, well thought-out, and well-crafted tattoo. Our customer service doesn’t stop at the front door, we take time to help you through the design, Tattoo and healing process. This is something we work very hard for and why our customers keep coming back!

Owner and Artist

Scott Cooksey

Owner of Lone Star Tattoo, Scott Cooksey, began tattooing in 1995. In the early days, Scott tattooed at shops in Dallas’ Deep Ellum downtown nightlife districts. Early on, Scott became passionate and knowledgeable in the American Traditional and irezumi- traditional Japanese motifs. Intensely studying the tattoo masters like Horiyoshi III, Hokusai (Japanese painter 1760-1849), Sailor Jerry Collins, Bert Grimm and Don Ed Hardy, and being influenced by the likes of Austin tattooers Dave Lum and Chris Trevino. Scott fine tuned his craft of tattooing into what some call “Texas Style” tattooing. Before opening Lone Star Tattoo in 2005, Scott spent part of each year on the road traveling to other tattoo shops around the country as a guest artist and attending tattoo conventions.

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Josefhine Cooksey

All the way from Sweden, Josefhine Cooksey is leaving her mark here in the Lone Star state! Josefhine went through a tattoo apprenticeship under her husband and mentor, Scott Cooksey. She’s best known for her traditional, elegant lady heads and floral pieces, but also really enjoys tattooing all things cute and colorful! Josefhine spends her free time hiking with her dogs, cuddling up with her kitties, working on her pottery, and throwing punches in Krav Maga class!

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cassie tattoo dallas female artist

Cassie Cavazos

Born and raised in Texas, Cassie has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. She grew up and became a tattooer in 2020, and enjoys doing blackwork, whip shaded, traditional style tattoos! When she isn’t drawing, you can find her at a local Waffle House, or at home cuddling her kitty, Mercury! Cassie was raised as a child of deaf adults (CODA) and is fluent in American Sign Language. She has used her knowledge in the hearing-impared community to educate others in her spare time!

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leah tattoo artist

Leah McPhail

Leah enjoys doing whimsical, illustrative, black & gray tattoos. In the studio, you’ll find Leah working with her clients to create a personalized image that not only brings the client’s idea to life, but exceeds their expectations.

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joel nichols tattoo artist dallas

Joel Nichols, aka Nic

Joel’s been tattooing coming up on 15 years now. Black and grey realism is his main focus currently but also has a love for all tattooing styles. Gothic architecture, evil or creepy, demons, skulls, snakes, etc. you get the vibe. Joel has an incredible passion for tattooing large-scale black and grey realism / illustrative realism, fantasy realism, blackouts, and fine line tattoo work.

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cooper hulstine dallas tattoo artist

Cooper Hulstine

Dallas native, Cooper Hulstine, is a queer tattoo artist with a wide skill set and a niche for male and female pin-ups of all sorts. Cooper helps to create a safe space for queer folks and anyone that wants to show their freedom of expression through the art of tattoos. From pin-ups to funky colorful tattoos, Cooper hopes to continue to grow as an artist and person in the city he loves and grew up in.

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ari beauregard dallas tattoo artist

Ari Beauregard

Ari is a blackwork tattoo artist. Born and raised in Rhode Island, she moved to Texas last year. Ari’s favorite tattoos are blackwork tribal tattoos or large blackwork animals. When Ari’s not at work, you can find her spending time outside with her wife and dog Kellen.

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Tattoo Reviews & Testimonials

January 20, 2024

Josephine is a true artist! I just left the shop 2 hours ago. It took me 3 months to design and sketch my own tattoo. She made the tattoo look even better than what I sketched out on paper 🙏🥹. It means so much to me and represents my life and spiritual journey. Thank you so much Josephine and Scott!!!
William M.
January 10, 2024

Went to mark Novak. Excellent time and was able to draw up some customized traditional tattoos for me. The entire place is very clean and very friendly!
Matthew J.
December 19, 2023

Great and inviting staff, amazing atmosphere and they put their best work into the tattoo's. Nic was a chill man that was able to help me through the process of getting my first tattoo.
December 18, 2023

Leah was great! She was very responsive during the planning of our tattoos and was great to hang with while we sat in her chair. I was a little indecisive on the exact flower petals after I arrived for my appointment and she was very patient with me as she sketched a new design. Side note: She also happens so have fun little mini-food toys at her station, which we hadn’t seen before. After her explained them to us, we bought some for our daughter, who was so, so excited. Apparently she had been pining over them forever (I had no idea!). So we got brownie parent points b/c of Leah too 😆
November 27, 2023

As a first timer getting tattoo gives mixed feeling regarding needle and how it should look with the size of tattoo and tattoo modifications to look good, Nick did an amazing job with his suggestions and very precious about design and after care for keeping it with hygiene. Even provided phone number for any queries ☺️😊 Thank you Nick for wonderful art work.
Luanu'u M.
November 18, 2023

Leah, Cassie and Jacqueline were wonderful Great vibe, excellent artists. Made us feel comfort from start to finish. Texted tattoo photo ideas and came out so good. It's off Preston and George Bush turnpike. Small parking lot. They accommodated even walkins from what we saw. Highly recommended!
November 16, 2023

I went with my mom for her tattoo appointment with Josefhine. She was great and worked with my mom to create the tattoo she'd been envisioning.
John W.
November 3, 2023

Working with Scott was a wonderful experience. From the start of the process he was enthusiastic, and he always made me feel excited for my next session. At each session I never felt pressured to talk and he would let me sit and focus on the experience. If I did want to talk, he was always open to listening. On top of his technical abilities, he has the incredible talent to take the ideas that are given to him and make them better. I never would have imagined my tattoo becoming as beautiful as it did. For anyone that is looking for someone to do their next tattoo I can’t recommend Scott enough.
Sean M.
October 11, 2023

Amazing artists, amazing shop, amazing customer service. I came here with a larger yet apprehensive goal to get a sleeve done, however after such a comforting and collaborative briefing with owner Scott Cooksey I was put right at ease and knew I was in the right place. Upon my initial email inquiry, I was greeted with open arms about my request for such a large piece. I was given options on artist as well as guided in the right direction for my best course of action between artwork and scheduling. Ultimately I landed with Scott to achieve the Irezumi (traditional Japanese) piece I wanted. Scott was not only open to any and all ideas, but especially helped guide me in the artistic direction that fit my preferences best. Throughout the entire process it's been an incredible experience, from the friendly greetings at the front door to the (painful) yet fun sessions with Scott, I feel like I've developed a personal bond with Lonestar and will continue to come here for any and all future pieces. 100/10 rating, definitely book here for your next tattoo.