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bradley baird
June 19, 2024

I got a tattoo by Ethan who does dope Japanese and American trad and it came out even better than I thought possible. Bro is just dope, can’t go wrong comin here because everyone who works here is just super cool.
Sherri Moffit
April 25, 2024

Great people!
Ian Jones
April 21, 2024

If you are going here to get a tattoo book with Leah. She is personable and does amazing work. I am going to continue to use her for the rest of my tattoos for the theme. Thank you, Leah.
Evelyn D.
April 15, 2024

Ari has done multiple tattoos for me, and it has always been a wonderful experience! She does great designs for flash sales, and was wonderful to work with...
April 11, 2024

First experience at a tattoo studio and everyone there was dope. Got tattooed by Ethan * fosho.tat2 * and he did me good! Bro is awesome to work with and has major talent and I’m hyped to see what he’s gonna do in the future. All the artists at this studio are insanely talented so if you go to anyone here you can’t go wrong.
Edgard Mat
March 30, 2024

Love this place . Great place for first time getting tattoo . Good atmosphere. Recommend Nic best there is. Safe location plenty of parking.
Allison O'Connor
March 23, 2024

I’m so happy I found this shop!! I’ve been wanting tattoos for a while but was always too anxious to get started with it. Cassie did my tattoo and she was amazing and made me feel comfortable during the whole process. The tattoo came out beautiful and I love it! The environment of the shop was great and everyone was really welcoming. I will definitely be back for more!
Jordan M.
February 10, 2024

Updated for latest work: no wait for a walk-in on a weekday. Ari quickly drew out my Design and got to work! Super friendly chick, very gentle, great line...
Robert E.
January 29, 2024

Nic was absolutely amazing, i had searched for a long time to find a tattoo that spoke to me and included some family heritage. I was recommended to this...
Kevin Grogan
January 28, 2024

Best place around.
January 20, 2024

Josephine is a true artist! I just left the shop 2 hours ago. It took me 3 months to design and sketch my own tattoo. She made the tattoo look even better than what I sketched out on paper 🙏🥹. It means so much to me and represents my life and spiritual journey. Thank you so much Josephine and Scott!!!
William M.
January 10, 2024

Went to mark Novak. Excellent time and was able to draw up some customized traditional tattoos for me. The entire place is very clean and very friendly!
Matthew Jones
December 19, 2023

Great and inviting staff, amazing atmosphere and they put their best work into the tattoo's. Nic was a chill man that was able to help me through the process of getting my first tattoo.
December 18, 2023

Leah was great! She was very responsive during the planning of our tattoos and was great to hang with while we sat in her chair. I was a little indecisive on the exact flower petals after I arrived for my appointment and she was very patient with me as she sketched a new design. Side note: She also happens so have fun little mini-food toys at her station, which we hadn’t seen before. After her explained them to us, we bought some for our daughter, who was so, so excited. Apparently she had been pining over them forever (I had no idea!). So we got brownie parent points b/c of Leah too 😆
November 27, 2023

As a first timer getting tattoo gives mixed feeling regarding needle and how it should look with the size of tattoo and tattoo modifications to look good, Nick did an amazing job with his suggestions and very precious about design and after care for keeping it with hygiene. Even provided phone number for any queries ☺️😊 Thank you Nick for wonderful art work.
Luanu'u Maiava
November 18, 2023

Leah, Cassie and Jacqueline were wonderful Great vibe, excellent artists. Made us feel comfort from start to finish. Texted tattoo photo ideas and came out so good. It's off Preston and George Bush turnpike. Small parking lot. They accommodated even walkins from what we saw. Highly recommended!
November 16, 2023

I went with my mom for her tattoo appointment with Josefhine. She was great and worked with my mom to create the tattoo she'd been envisioning.
John Wensel
November 3, 2023

Working with Scott was a wonderful experience. From the start of the process he was enthusiastic, and he always made me feel excited for my next session. At each session I never felt pressured to talk and he would let me sit and focus on the experience. If I did want to talk, he was always open to listening. On top of his technical abilities, he has the incredible talent to take the ideas that are given to him and make them better. I never would have imagined my tattoo becoming as beautiful as it did. For anyone that is looking for someone to do their next tattoo I can’t recommend Scott enough.
Sean Miller
October 11, 2023

Amazing artists, amazing shop, amazing customer service. I came here with a larger yet apprehensive goal to get a sleeve done, however after such a comforting and collaborative briefing with owner Scott Cooksey I was put right at ease and knew I was in the right place. Upon my initial email inquiry, I was greeted with open arms about my request for such a large piece. I was given options on artist as well as guided in the right direction for my best course of action between artwork and scheduling. Ultimately I landed with Scott to achieve the Irezumi (traditional Japanese) piece I wanted. Scott was not only open to any and all ideas, but especially helped guide me in the artistic direction that fit my preferences best. Throughout the entire process it's been an incredible experience, from the friendly greetings at the front door to the (painful) yet fun sessions with Scott, I feel like I've developed a personal bond with Lonestar and will continue to come here for any and all future pieces. 100/10 rating, definitely book here for your next tattoo.
Cecilia Aguilar
October 10, 2023

I had the industrial piercing done. Jack was great!
Kyle Kent
October 9, 2023

I’ve been tattooed by several artists here and each time it’s the same standard of quality and service. Went today and got tattooed by Josefine and my wife by Cassie. Both were amazing to work with. Highly recommended.
Diane Maupin
September 21, 2023

Was very nervous about getting my 1st tattoo. The whole staff was wonderful. Cooper Glenn, who did my tattoo, was fantastic, did a great job, very personable and talented. Recommend him to everyone. Tell him I sent you!
Susana Lee
September 5, 2023

Friendly environment, good for first timers and old timers , good prices great work good parking save neighborhood, recommend nic gotten 4 tattoos from him so far
Casey Grady
August 22, 2023

All amazing artists! I’ve seen Cassie almost 7 times now and her work is just GREAT. Very good black work. She’s done the entire part of my lower leg sleeve! So crispy! Ari and Leah have great work too. I saw their work and books in the shop and will gladly see them soon as well.
Cole Bené
August 15, 2023

Walked in and Rain helped me out immediately. Rain takes great pride in his work and is very detail oriented. He cares a lot about the client’s experience and makes sure they know about proper aftercare.
Austin Birkhoff
August 15, 2023

I came in to the parlor on a walk in visit. Rain took me in and made me feel comfortable while getting some new ink.
Chase Miller
August 13, 2023

Best experience and work I’ve had with Scott!
Emily C.
August 5, 2023

Amazing environment, incredible art. Ari (so sorry if my spelling is wrong) did a great job on my friend's tattoo and was a pleasure to work with.
Christy Glaze
July 29, 2023

Great shop. Cool, talented artists. Very welcoming. Good vibes.
Samantha McMurray
July 25, 2023

07/23/2023 was when i was at the shop. i had the pleasure of working with Josephine. absolutely a stunning soul! i got a few different tattoos. i walked in with ideas, and she filled the rest of the pieces. she knew the placement, the style, the font, the line size, and everything. 110/10 recommend!! absolute blessing to have tattoos on my body for the rest of my life living through the experience with Josefhine! All my love, and to the rest of the people who may have the same pleasure as me, i pray you enjoy your journey and love your way through life! 💗
Ricardo Cadava
July 24, 2023

First time at this shop and got tattooed by Rain and I love how the piece came out. Rain is very personable, kind, funny, and talented. The overall experience was great and I will definitely be back.
Austin Hoglund
July 24, 2023

First time getting a tattoo at this location and was welcomed by Rain, who was our tattoo artist. He did such amazing work and was extremely personable. Highly recommend coming here and getting work done by Rain! Will be back soon! 🤠
Annie Fodge
July 22, 2023

We just had the best experience with Ari and Leah! A group of us came in without appointments and not only did they accommodate our group and give us perfect tattoos, they were kind, patient, and so welcoming. The shop was clean, the staff was friendly, and there was the CUTEST service dog as well. Thank you thank you for making our celebrating weekend even better. Xx
Re Jiwoo
July 17, 2023

Rain is the only person I trust to do my tattoos. I had the pleasure of meeting Rain on a business trip; me and him struck up a conversation about tattoos. He then proceeded to show me show of his work, so I decided to give him a visit and see for myself. I have been to the shop to see Rain multiple times and each time he has gone above and beyond my expectations. What I really love is that Rain is not afraid to voice his opinions to the customers about the placement or the tattoo itself if he feels the customer does not truly know what they want or will not be fully satisfied. Even if a specific style is not in his wheelhouse Rain will work with the customer so that he produces amazing art and that the customer is satisfied!
Ashleigh Tripp
July 10, 2023

Landed on this place when looking for a last minute artist after my boyfriend’s artist cancelled on him, and our experience was beyond amazing. Rain was awesome artistically and his personality was wonderful. Exactly the kind of tattooer I want putting their work on my body. I highly recommend Rain and Lone Star!
austin price
July 10, 2023

Had a great time! Tattoo turned out incredible; and Rain was very enjoyable to work with! Would 100% recommend!
Lori Wiley
July 8, 2023

Got my Texas tattoo while on vacation. RAIN did an awesome job and was great to work with. Highly recommend him!
Zara Garza
July 7, 2023

I came in for my first ever tattoo appointment with Rain. I am so happy that I took the time to find this place, because he went above and beyond to help me with my nerves and make sure that everything went smoothly. Along with this, he did an incredible job on my tattoo and I am absolutely blown away by his work. I am so grateful for Rain and Lone Star for making my first tattoo experience as awesome as it was!
July 6, 2023

Rain did an amazing matching tattoo job for me and my mom. Super kind and funny, highly recommend ❤️
Claire Henry
July 6, 2023

I love this shop and all the artists here! I've gotten most of my tattoos done here and all of them have healed beautifully. Definitely check it out if you're into traditional tattoos.
Catherine R
July 6, 2023

Isabella was awesome. Went in to get a too tight piercing unscrewed (lol I’m dumb), she helped me out quickly and painlessly and then gave great insight on future piercings I’m planning. Shop is always clean and staff is professional. Great place!
Garrett Betts
July 3, 2023

I had a great experience with Rain at Lonestar Tattoos. I walked in with a few ideas in mind and ultimately landed with one of his designs, a Japanese Tiger. Rain was kind, great conversationalist, and did great work on the tattoo. 10 out of 10 recommend both Rain and Lonestar Tattoos.
Michele Betts
July 2, 2023

Came in for a flash tattoo and had a great experience with Leah! Would highly recommend to anyone.
Brian Phillips
June 30, 2023

Scott completed a traditional Japanese Shi Shi tattoo for me recently and it turned out great. From the first consultation to the last session, he worked with me to make sure I got what I wanted. He's easy to work with and very knowledgeable about tattoo's in general and Japanese traditional in particular. I highly recommend reaching out to Scott.
John Tran
June 27, 2023

If you’re looking for a traditional Japanese Irezumi, look no further because Scott is your man. He’s super friendly, chill, and very informative. He guided me through the whole process during our first appointment and was very helpful. My irezumi back piece is still a work in progress, and I can’t wait until we get back into session!
Drew Campbell
June 17, 2023

I highly recommend Lone Star Tattoo to get any work done there. Rain was extremely insightful and open minded in helping get my tattoo designed and he was thorough with details through the whole process. I am really happy with my new tattoo!
Jennifer Saucedo
June 6, 2023

Rain Is Amazing Tattoo Artist!! Thank You So Much!! First Time At That Shop And It Won’t Be My Last, I Had Amazing experience. Thank you so much Rain for the hospitality.
maiah bayardo
June 4, 2023

Rain was an absolute amazing artist!! He was so friendly and kind and did an amazing job on my tattoo!! Not to mention he was light handed which is always a plus!! I would definitely recommend him for your tattoos!
Lex Nic
June 1, 2023

Came in and met Rain to get my hand tattoos done and loved my experience! Rain did a phenomenal job and has great communication with his clients. If choose Lonestar, check out Rain for your next piece of art.
Ara Amen
June 1, 2023

Rain did a phenomenal job on my tattoo! Great person and great artist. Will definitely be back
Maia Case
May 29, 2023

My friend and I were able to get in day of with Rain! It was an amazing experience. He’s super personable and was a great artist. We are so happy with his work and will recommend forever!
May 28, 2023

Never in my life had such a friendly tattoo artist as rain. went in for my second ever tattoo and my only large one so obviously I was a bit nervous. he ended up doing such an amazing job, 100% will be back and asking for him!!
Alexander Diep
May 25, 2023

Rain didn't hesitate to help me with my cover up tattoo. He already had a plan in mind and was ready to take the challenge. He worked with me about budgeting and ensuring the artwork was to my liking. He was also very informative about the process and communicates well. Highly recommend!
HaNnAH. eL
May 23, 2023

Definitely gonna be making future appointments with Rain. Hes very knowledgeable and just wants what’s best for you and your skin. Very chill to work with and I love my new tattoo!
Alyssa Harrison
May 22, 2023

Rain was so great!! Obsessed with the work he did. Me and my friend were walk-ins and Rain was able to take us - we love his work! These photos are taken about a month after we got them. Def recommend!!!
Macey edmunds
May 22, 2023

Favorite tattoo shop in the area! Just got my best one from Rain and it was such a great experience. Much love !!! 🙂
Rumell Khan
May 22, 2023

I’ve got a couple of tattoos from here and they’ve all been super high quality and the artists have been super cool to work with. Shout to Rain, who’s new to the shop but was super enthusiastic and good to work with for my most recent one .
Karen Tam
May 22, 2023

Definitely go get your tattoos done by Rain here!! Not only is he knowledgeable and skilled, he takes the time and consideration into each of your designs/placements. The best!
April 28, 2023

I've been here two times for ear piercings and each time has been amazing! Each piercing was perfectly placed and I have zero complaints whatsoever. The staff are all so welcoming and friendly 🙂
Mackenzie Smolek
April 26, 2023

This ain’t the best picture because I zoomed in, but it truly is fantastic! I walked in with just and idea of what I wanted and Rain took it and made it what I really wanted. I am in love with it. Thank you guys! Ps. They had a doggo there too (:
Courtney T.
April 25, 2023

Cassie is a rock star. She is amazing at what she does and got excited about my tattoos. It's always good when an artist is excited about the tattoos you...
Daniel Carrington
March 23, 2023

The staff here was able to sell me some jewelry and change my piercing jewelry all cheaply and quickly! It was incredibly convenient for me to fix my body jewelry after losing one of the beads.
Max Imes
February 8, 2023

Mia is the BEST! Coming out of a mid-life crisis, and new to the area, I woke up one day and decided I wanted my ears peirced. Some quick research... I realized I did NOT want to go the free gun style piecing at Walmart. That I wanted them hand needle pierced so they would heal faster and with less likelihood of complications. Also I wanted them properly centered in my lobes, which are nearly non-existent, hard to figure where to put the holes... Another shop highly rated on Yelp I stopped by, they were VERY expensive because they required I purchase stud jewelry from them at time of piecing, and the minimum plain black dots were.... $110! Plus $45 per ear... I was like I don't want your designer case jewelry dayum it! They wouldn't budge. So I stopped by Lonestar Tattoo on a whim driving by a month later. Mia explained their actually really cool cubic zirconia studs were FREE, included in the piecing price. GOOD. She was kind, patient, and answered all my questions. Then.. Once we started, she took the time to explain each step before she did it, asked permission every time she went to touch me so their were no surprises.... And took the time and care to really line up the markings and make sure they were gonna look centered. I was very confident thru the whole process, and she coached me on how to properly care for them, and where to buy jewelry when I'm ready. She also gave me her instagram for aftercare concerns and questions. 5 StARs for Mia! Triple AAA Plus! THanks Mia. I couldn't be happier.
Justin Boren
January 28, 2023

Love it my girlfriend and I have gotten three tattoos in the last month or two between us. Excellent art, amazing service, incredible staff. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Karla Lubeskie
January 27, 2023

Kat is the best!!!!! She is patient, listens to you, and is amazing. Thank you, Kat! 😊💜😊
Jenny Huebner
January 16, 2023

Kat and Josefhine are awesome. Kat did the ghost cats and butterfly for me. Josefhine did my teapot. Great service and kind artists!! Love it here, my go to tattoo shop. Mia also helped me switch out my jewelry in my ear lobe and she was awesome.
Matthew Watkins
November 22, 2022

You won't find better prices in Dallas for the quality work you get here. Also they make you feel like family! Most tattoo shops can be intimidating but here I didn't get that feeling. I get the family come on in anytime and we will take care of you feeling . You all are amazing and the attention to detail on the work is second to non . Thank you for providing an amazing place to go to .
Kristine G.
November 20, 2022

My Husband Got me a tattoo for my Birthday....we came in early Saturday as a walk in and were able to get right in. Loved the place! the staff was helpful...
Jake Godi
November 17, 2022

Kameron is awesome and treats you with respect and professionalism. Excellent experience.
John Justis
November 5, 2022

Great place good people thanks from team 701 RECON
Jessica Beckham
October 18, 2022

In 2019 I got dreamcatcher On my ankle I recommend lone star tattoo
Tanja Duncan
October 11, 2022

OMG I can not say enough wonderful things. Me and my daughter wanted a remembrance tatoo for my son and Cat was amazing. She worked with us on the design and came up with the perfect tattoo...she incorporated everything we wanted and created a beautiful work of art...My son's wife loved it and is going to get the same one too...This was my first tatoo and Cat made it very easy....I am forever grateful to have found the perfect place, the perfect artist and the perfect tatoo..My son was smiling down on me and his sister..I felt his presence and know he is proud..His heartbeat, his angel wings and his love for music is all here..
Fatima Hussain
October 6, 2022

Mark did my tattoo and it looks so awesome!!! Highly recommend anyone who wants to get there first tattoo go straight to him. He was so nice and understanding throughout the entire session and made me feel like I wasn’t even there to get a tattoo but to just catch up with an old friend. The tattoo looks amazing and he made it look even better then the original reference picture I showed him.
Robert Barr
October 4, 2022

Great shop! Mark did great wife and myself got tattoos that honor our son.
Joe Serna
September 14, 2022

This is my first tattoo and it was a great experience. The staff is super laid back and friendly. Definitely going back there if I decide to get another one.
Eric Church
September 2, 2022

Still best in DFW. Have a really great tattoo from there, and Matt is super cool and great at his craft of piercing
Amaris Von G
August 22, 2022

Loved it. I went to Josefine and she did such amazing work.
Kameron Arlyene
July 26, 2022

Rob did a great job communicating about my design and making sure we got a final image that we both love. Full of great ideas and a big personality.
Jerry Tillery
July 24, 2022

Rob was great! I told him what I wanted and he exceeded any and all expectations.
James Hyson
June 23, 2022

If anyone is think of getting a tattoo please consider this place the whole staff is very awesome and ask for Kat for your tattoo needs she is awesome and very polite and will listen to all your needs plus she easy on the eyes
Sam Fletcher
June 22, 2022

I've been to quite a few shops and this is by far my favorite place. Just a bunch of cool people busting out badass tattoos. Kam is an absolute PRO with my black and red sleeve, she even completely rescued a prior tattoo gone bad. Even getting stabbed repeatedly by a tiny needle for hours at a time, I always have a great experience with this shop.
Lena Stumper
June 3, 2022

Cam did a fantastic job on our tattoos. It was the first time for my husband and I, second time for our daughter. Reasonably priced, prices starting at $120, average price of ours was $150-200 depending on size and number. We are definitely hooked now 😊
Sara Williamson
May 15, 2022

A wonderful experience! Extremely friendly staff, more than up to par hygiene practices, and good deals. Highly reccomend!
Jason Rodriguez
April 25, 2022

Rob was an excellent artist and I'm very happy w/ my tattoo!
Holly Wood
March 13, 2022

Matt is a consummate professional. Would recommend to my mother. Check them out!
Hive Mind
February 19, 2022

Everyone was professional and Scott gave me a fantastic piece of art. 10/10 recommend
Nicole H
February 13, 2022

I just recently got pierced from Matt and had the greatest experience. He advised me where the placement would look best and gave me great aftercare instructions. Would recommend!
aparna srinivas
November 25, 2021

Very friendly service, well informed and knowledgeable. Quick action and very considerate to not rush too. It was a fun experience. Very clean and felt very comfortable to get the ear piercing.
Angela Mitchell
November 13, 2021

The place was clean and everyone was super nice. If you're looking for a place for tattoos or piercings, this is the place. You won't be disappointed.
Hyunjin Kang
November 3, 2021

Should have left this review ages ago. I found them by accident at about 17 when my friend wanted to get her lip pierced. Matt, their piercer is a super nice dude. I ended up getting a bunch of my tattoos (and a few piercings!) there and have never been disappointed. No infections, relatively painless, and phenomenal work. I came back into town from California and got four done by Josefhine on Sunday (10.31.21) and could not have been happier with her work. She was the BEST. My friend got worked on my Kam at the same time, and equally enjoyed the experience. The ladies were all around very nice to socialise with while getting worked on. I will always go here for my work when possible. I just hate that I live so far away now.
Robert Galloway
October 3, 2021

Josh is AWESOME. Getting my first sleeve done - I checked out 4 or 5 shops until I found Lone Star. Clean, laid back, and tons of knowledge from all the staff. The feel of the place brings back good memories of the live music scene in Deep Ellum years ago, just the right amount of Texas dive bar - great music and excited people. I went in with an idea of what I thought I wanted... but Josh was completely candid and honest and educated me on what actually makes a great tattoo, and I'm glad he took the time to talk me through it instead of just trying to make my idea work. He's using my daughters art to cover my arm in ink, and I couldn't be happier with it so far. He works quickly and accurately, and you can tell he, Rob, and the other staff love their job. I'm three sessions in, and look forward to the end. I just don't know when I'm going to be able to stop...
Gabbi Russell
September 20, 2021

I cannot say enough good things about this shop. Everyone I met was so friendly and went above and beyond on making me feel comfortable, heard, and happy!! Rob did my leg tattoo in the picture and he was also amazing!! Chill environment on top of everything else:))
Eduardo Valencia
September 15, 2021

Our Tattoo artist Miss Kameron was very, professional and awsome.
יאיר אוריך
September 13, 2021

(Translated by Google) Do a professional and good job (Original) עושים עבודה מקצועית וטובה
September 12, 2021

Originally came in to get a Medusa piercing, but luckily Matt was there educate me about how the piercing can hurt my teeth and gums. Ended up getting my triples re-pierced instead, and Matt made sure to adjust the placement of the new ones, since the old ones were apparently done incorrectly. Very knowledgeable, professional, and nice guy. Will be back for any future piercing inquiries.
Shante Lewis
August 16, 2021

My friend and I walked in and were helped promptly and professionally. Everyone that worked there seemed pretty cool. & we both loved our tattoos. I’m here in town for another week so I’ll def be back. Thanks Josh for my awesome piece!!
Carly C
August 16, 2021

My girlfriend and I got two amazing tattoos by Kameron!
Linzie Hadzima
August 14, 2021

I went in there for the first time on Friday the 13'th. I read they had specials on piercings. I went in and got a double helix done. The wait for piercing took a while as they were very busy for Friday the 13'th. While waiting, the front desk individual was super nice and told me about how many people were ahead of me and about how much longer I would have to wait. Once it was my turn, Matt greeted me and had me follow him back to the piercing room. Matt is a super cool guy. He was very calm and made it to the point where nerves of a new piercing weren't there. He talked me through the process the entire time and was very professional with telling me I was doing great and called me homie multiple times. It was 100% worth the wait to have him do my double helix. I wouldn't want anyone else to pierce my ears from now on! I have had bad piercing experiences and he totally made it worth it and is amazing. Thanks Matt for everything!
Monica Carlton
July 18, 2021

My daughter and I went for matching tattoos for her Birthday. Walk-In on a Saturday. Josh was amazing, got them knocked out in no time and they look amazing. So happy we got to check off a bucket list item and grateful to Josh and the team at Lone Star… already planning my next one!
K Raynes
July 3, 2021

Milan did such a great job on my tattoo! She was very kind and patient with me while we figured out what would look best and I was really impressed with how gentle she was (especially in the tender spots around my elbow). I'm so glad I chose her and I can't wait to come back and add to my new sleeve! I'll add photos once it heals a bit.
Cam Alimurka
June 26, 2021

I got my nose pierced and Matt was great. He was super friendly and made me feel at ease & he even helped me with an issue I had with piercings I got elsewhere 🙂
Erin Kaimkhani
June 25, 2021

I went in for 3 piercings in one sitting and was super nervous. Matt was calm and clearly explained each step. The whole process was quick and stress free! Can't wait to go back for more!
Jaylyn Lewis
June 22, 2021

came in for a smallish arm piece, and it was such a great experience! everyone was so friendly and well informed, it was a clean space and i felt very welcomed and taken care of. Kameron did an amazing job, gave me clear info on aftercare, and my tattoo looks super sick!! absolutely recommend coming here 🙂
June 22, 2021

Had a great appt with Kameron there. Cool vibe and aesthetic too.
David Mahdizadeh
June 20, 2021

Professional staff, I highly recommend this place.
Mikayla Mckeown
June 14, 2021

K’Lee was great! My boyfriend and I got nose piercings out of town and his was so swollen that it needed a longer bar . Even though she didn’t do the initial piercing she was so helpful and did everything she could to help fix someone else’s mistake. We were also able to be seen within 30 min of calling before hand. The whole staff was friendly as well. Thank you again for taking care of us!
Jeff Young
June 7, 2021

Great work, Justin is awesome!
Mariah Dieckman
April 4, 2021

Matt gave my friend and i some cool new piercings, and an awesome experience. Definitely coming back
LaTosha Jackson
March 22, 2021

I mean super professional! Very clean and quick. I will definitely be back for more work. Came for a tongue piercing. Love love love the atmosphere!!!
Emily Torrez
March 20, 2021

I took my daughter to get her nose pierced and was extremely impressed! She was nervous and Matt was wonderful with her! We did not have an appointment and were seen right away. Will definitely be back.
Carrie M
February 13, 2021

Awesome people of all kinds and the artist was hilarious (and talented)! Great experience with my daughter🥰
Holly Bennett
February 7, 2021

My peirceing was verry fast and berley painful great service and verry nice
Kate Banks
January 29, 2021

Matt was wonderful! I finally got a nostril piercing, and I felt completely at ease the entire time. The piercing itself was quick and nearly painless. The shop is clean, sanitary, and I can't wait to go back!
Cole Jones
January 17, 2021

Milan Mone is a fantastic artist who gave me the best tattoo I have. The atmosphere of this tattoo shop is wonderful, and the musical selection was the best I've heard at a tattoo place. Will definitely come back for more from this artist. Can't recommend it enough.
Tiffany A
January 14, 2021

Got a couple pieces done by Rob and couldn't be happier. Very clean shop. Social distancing measures taken. Pleasant and cool people.
Diego Perez
December 31, 2020

Justin is a great artist. I love my tattoo.
Corey Willis
December 19, 2020

Had an American traditional tattoo done by Scott Cooksey. Couldn’t have found a better shop to do it. Nothing short of an outstanding group of professionals, highly recommend especially for American or Japanese traditional tattooing, though I’m sure the talent here extends far beyond that. Wife also had her nose pierced at the same time and again the experience was great.
Samuel Neris Macey
December 13, 2020

Friendly as could be. Excellent work and very fair prices!!! Thank you Rob!
Grace Chou
December 7, 2020

Amazing work and customer service!
Rina Long
November 8, 2020

Very awesome and friendly people! Felt comfortable and safe when getting my ears pierced the first time. Shout out to Matt! Very cool guy and very professional at what he does!
Jonathan Keeth
November 2, 2020

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you do not need to look any further than Lone Star Tattoo. I am currently in the process of getting my tattoo with Scott Cooksey and I could not be happier with this studio and with his work. I had my other 3 tattoos done by other artists at other studios and the work and professionalism was nowhere close to what I am experiencing with Lone Star and Scott. While this isn't my first rodeo so to speak, it is still a bit of an intimidating decision given the permanent nature of the art form and Scott has been very easy to work with. He has taken the time to meet with me in person and understand what I would like to see and has operated with the highest level of integrity throughout the whole process to make sure his sketch would be true to the idea for my sleeve. I can say without any hesitation that I would never even think about getting a tattoo from another artist or studio. While I had no plans to have a sleeve on both arms when I started this journey I am so happy with Scott's work that I will be working with him to do a sleeve on my other arm as well. Additionally, Lone Star has a fantastic after-care program. Scott has taken the time to learn the best method to make sure your tattoo heals quickly and stays sharp looking. The attached pictures are after 3 weeks of healing and you can see that the lines look as sharp and dark as they did when I walked out the door. I'll include more photos after colors are added. Take the time to meet with Scott or with any of the other artists at Lone Star to have your tattoo done. It will be worth the extra wait to get in to see them and you will be so pleased with the results.
Rea Gray
October 29, 2020

My friend and I got our tounges pierced by Matt and he was amazing 🤩 We were both nervous and he made us feel so comfortable. The shop was clean and process was quick and easy. Matt was very clear with the aftercare instructions. I highly recommend this shop!
Caleb Plemons
October 27, 2020

I have been tattooed here by 2 different artist and hope to get more from the rest of the crew at some point soon. As for the 2 I have now (full sleeve and a large snake and dagger) I could not be more happy with the service I was provided or the quality of the work. Everyone that works here is awesome, super nice and easy to talk to which makes for a great friendly environment to get tattooed in. I get compliments on my sleeve done by Scott Cooksey ALL THE TIME and if you are looking for a large scale japanese traditional tattoo, he is the freakin man! Can't wait to get my next tattoo from this team!
Cayleigh Wilson
October 14, 2020

Hannah is amazing, brilliant, talented and was flexible and kind. everyone there is always so sweet 🙂 i love all of my tattoos.
Keisha W
October 13, 2020

Had the best experience with the piercer. He was really thorough in explaining how to clean the piercing afterwards. I’ll definitely be back soon!
Tyler Schwartz-Milazzotto
October 11, 2020

Got my first tattoos here over 10 years ago and they still look great.
Shaiquiar Smith
October 10, 2020

BEST SHOP EVER! Just got my ear done there today and I loved the experience. Matt was awesome, the staff was awesome, the whole experience was awesome. I will be back for future ear pericings.
Parker Jones
October 3, 2020

Matt was my piercer for my entire family and absolute loved him!!! amazing work and very friendly!! highly recommended!
Tre Randolph
September 27, 2020

Great art work, Wayon is awesome and totally worth it.
Maranda Mackenzie
September 27, 2020

Friendly, welcoming and clean. Would definitely recommend Lone Star Tattoo, and we would return!
Veronica Bridges
September 14, 2020

I had my nose piercing done by Matt. He was great! The piercing was quick and painless. Matt educated me on how to care for my piercing afterwards. I would most definitely recommend Matt to others.
Fire “Fire”
September 12, 2020

I got my first 2 tattoos ever here and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The staff is very helpful and humble and the artists are just as amazing. Hannah did my tattoo and she was wonderful, from great sketches to perfect tattooing. Definitely coming back for more!
John Polizzi
September 8, 2020

Both my wife and I had several piercings done by Amelia about 2 weeks ago. The entire experience was fantastic, and the piercings are healing nicely. We will definitely return and recommend.
Jamie Polizzi
September 7, 2020

I've now received 4 piercings and one tattoo from Lone Star Tattoo. Each time, the experience has been excellent. Matt and Amelia did an awesome job on my piercings (my husband also received one and was super happy), the advice on placement that they offered left me very happy with the end results. I received a tattoo from Andrea today and I had a great experience. She is extremely pleasant, skilled, and was awesome to work with. I love my new tattoo -- it was what had I hoped for, and more! I'd strongly recommend coming here if you're interested in getting a piercing, tattoo, or both.
Lei Em
August 8, 2020

Milan is my girl, every time I've gotten tattooed by her it's been fun, professional, and clean. If you want crisp and beautiful blackwork, Milan is the person to go to. Her tattoos are the only ones I have that haven't blown out at all. I've also seen Andrea and Hannah do their thing and they're super cool and professional too. You can't go wrong with any of the tattooers at Lone Star. I would recommend checking out each artist's instagram and seeing whos style you vibe with.
July 31, 2020

I got my first tattoo done today with Justin G. And I had a wonderful experience! He talked me through the pain and did his best to make sure I was comfortable. His work is amazing and I’m SO satisfied will my new piece! 10/10 will be back again
Kim Wilson
July 24, 2020

Very skilled artist. New, Clean, very Friendly staff!
Kirneisha Brown
July 19, 2020

Ok, so after passing this place a few times I decided to visit. I've been dying for another earing pericing and after reading a few reviews I decided to go. The receptionist greeted me made me feel welcomed so automatically I felt at ease. She introduced me to Matt D. who took the time to talk with me. Before piercing he made sure to show the dotted marks he had made on the upper part of my ear with permanent marker for my approval. Afterwards he gave easy to follow detailed instructions on how to take care of my pericing. If, you guys want a pericing or tattoo in the near future definitely give this place a shot.
Chels Nevels
July 18, 2020

Justin is the best!!!
Alex V
July 18, 2020

Scott Cooksey is the real deal!! You can't get a more genuine large scale custom piece the way he does it. One of a kind couldn't recommend enough.
Christi Ainsworth
July 17, 2020

Fun fun fun! Everyone was friendly. They had jokes and a good vibes!
Jessica Marie Schlagal
June 16, 2020

Had the best experience getting tattoos within days of each other! The prices were super reasonable and the quality was exceptional. I got exactly what I want. Can't wait to go back for more!
Stephanie Schuessler
June 15, 2020

Andrea was awesome, I got a tattoo for a friend that passed and she gave me the perfect tattoo and its beautiful. Thank you so much. 💚
Jenee Laurent-Jones
June 14, 2020

Milan was awesome. Loved her patience, style and her ability to put us at ease for this special tattoo. We LOVE it!
Isaac “Dagmar”
June 3, 2020

Waylon is the man! Knocked my tattoo out of the park! Went in for my first tattoo, gave him what I was wanting and let him do the rest. 100% satisfied. When I need that 2nd tat, I’ll be back.
Ranika Cobbs
May 27, 2020

Cheyenne Dooly
May 23, 2020

Got my belly button repierced today and holy hell this guy was precise, quick, and funny. It had a thick layer of scar tissue from my previous piercing but he pierced through it with seemingly no problem and with minimal pain. He pulled out a Dahl caliper to measure to fit my exact needs. I am thoroughly impressed and will be back for more!!
Jon Harrell
March 15, 2020

Waylon did great work. Super professional and the tattoo turned out amazing. Can't recommend enough
Emily Clement
March 8, 2020

I always love coming to Lone Star Tattoo for work from Andrea! She does a great job making my ideas a reality! Her pieces have all healed beautifully and I get compliments on them all the time! Check her out for your new ink
Mikala Hughes
February 29, 2020

I recently visited here for my first tattoo, Waylon was my artist and he did an amazing job. He was very helpful and patient with me even though I was nervous. Everyone was friendly and all my questions got answered, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a comfortable atmosphere and quality work
Edgar Melendez
February 17, 2020

I've been looking for a quality shop in Dallas for several years. I hesitated getting anything done here until I did some research and came across Lone Star Tattoo. I met Scott Cooksey and was highly impressed with his shop and how professional his approach is (in addition to being a great artist). My first session was great and I look forward to continue working with Scott in the future. I highly recommend Lone Star for anyone considering high-end work.
dark queen
February 9, 2020

Absolutely love my tattoo, Hannah is amazing as always!
heavy Arms
January 25, 2020

Got my first ink ever here. Justin Smith did mine. I made an appointment. Everything started on time. It came out exactly how I wanted it and went pretty fast.
January 22, 2020

Since I met Matt, he's the only piercer I go to. I trust him and he does good work! The place is clean and everyone is pleasant. They also have awesome sales, and they're amazing about answering followup questions about aftercare and such
isaiah rubio
January 15, 2020

Matt was awesome!
J Daniel
December 25, 2019

These guys are incredible. Worked with Scott and absolutely love the result. They’re professional, clean, and awesome artists. Highly recommend!
Valerie Unegbu
November 12, 2019

They are professional and extremely knowledgeable but not in a pretentious or pompous way but in a more laid-back, super chilled way. I usually go there to get my tattoos done by Milan (I'll tell you how great she is later) but I went there for a botched ear piercing, Matt took a look at it told me everything I should do to properly treat the forming keloid around the piercing and my ear is looking great within less than a week of going there. Unfortunately 😔 I forgot the name of the girl who is always at the front handling paperwork, but she also looked at my piercing when I went back for a follow-up and she was helpful , she is always friendly too ! Milan does my tattoos and she is the real MVP, her work is so neat, she takes her time but she is quick at the same time, Milan is definitely great at what she does!
October 20, 2019

This is one cool shop with lots of amazing artist. Hannah hooked it up with the most amazing Freedom Chicken! Setting up an appointment was easy just sent an email threw the web sight. Was hit with a fast response and had an appointment set up with in less than 24 hours. These ppl on here with one star reviews mad about a 20 dollar tattoo on Friday the 13th are wrong for that. These artist are friendly and talented. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for a tattoo. Hit up Hannah tell her her Freedom Chicken sent you. Update: 3/7/20 I just came back from my second tattoo here’s with Hannah. Yo I’m telling you go check this shop out and ask for her. She does amazing art work! This shop is super kind and friendly I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Update: 10/03/20 back at it again kicking it with Hannah. Her art work is truly amazing. Hit her up for some fresh ink! Also I can tell you that the other artist are chill AF and super kind to even a first timer. I would send anyone here for a first tattoo or there next tattoo.
M Hill
October 11, 2019

Daughters birthday gift easy & quick
Yuvraj Dewan
October 11, 2019

Nice and clean place to get a tattoo. Friendly staff and Waylon did a good job..
Austin Black
September 4, 2019

I had my ears pierced here, the lady who did it was extremely nice and friendly. While waiting all the tattoo artists were incredibly nice too felt insanely welcome. She did a fantastic job marking the spot on my lobe perfectly and measured the other side. Didn't hurt a bit. I highly recommend!
Kayleigh Winterton
August 24, 2019

If you're looking for a new tattoo/piercing I highly recommend Lone Star Tattoo. I got tattooed here for the first time recently and my favorite thing was how well they treated everyone that walked in. They took the time to listen, ask questions and reccomend different artists based on their needs. The people here are very knowledgeable, talented and friendly. They're absolutely amazing, go check them out!
Patrick Meek
August 7, 2019

Love this place, Scott ronin is a great artist
July 21, 2019

Got my ears pierced again after 10 years. Matt is the man, he did my friend's nose afterwards. Definitely will come back for anything I need.
Samantha Neugent
July 20, 2019

Got a piercing done with Matt who was awesome! I got there a little late but he waited and I was done and gone in a heartbeat. It was an overall good experience. And I got a lollipop!!
Rahil Ahmad
July 16, 2019

This tattoo shop was a referral from my sis, and she was right! This place is great. Everyone is very kind and all the artists are very talented! I would definitely recommend this location to anyone who lives in the Plano area!
Ryssa Sadusky
July 15, 2019

What a great place! The people were knowledgeable, helpful and great priced. I'm from out of state and lost a piece of my jewelry, so i wouldn't have problems with the piercing the gal helped me replace my old with new and only charged me the price of the jewelry. I got right in, no long wait. The place is impeccably clean as well! Thanks Lonestar!
June 11, 2019

great place! i have gotten all my tattoos here
Alexandra Coffey
June 6, 2019

Such a great experience and amazing tattoo! Everyone in the shop was so helpful and welcoming! Scott did my tattoo and I'm so obsessed with it! I can't wait for another!
Amanda J.
May 20, 2019

I went to Lone Star this weekend with a group of friends to get our ears pierced. Matt was absolutely fantastic. I ended up getting 7 piercings and as a group we got 17 total so we were there for about 3 hours and Matt was a real trooper. He was super friendly, talked us through everything, gave suggestions based on our anatomy, and knocked some money off the price for those of us who got multiple piercings. Kat also helped out and was great! Thanks you two!!
Graham Buchanan
May 16, 2019

Scott did an amazing job on my first tattoo, will be going here for my next and any more that follow. A true artist.
Cassidi Hess
May 12, 2019

I had the opportunity to get a tattoo from Milan today. It was hands down the best tattoo experience I’ve ever had. She was incredibly kind and gave me her honest artistic opinion before beginning to make sure I would have the best long term success with my piece. She made me feel very comfortable and I’m thrilled with the final result. The shop was clean and bright, absolutely adorable. I will not be trying out any other shop any time soon, I think I’ve found my ink home!
Reed Chenault
April 27, 2019

A friend of mine highly recommended Lonestar Tattoo. The staff is very friendly. I wanted a tiger arm tattoo. Scott Ronin was my tattoo artist and gave me an awesome tattoo. I have received several compliments. This place rocks!!!
Halie Schumacher
April 23, 2019

Trey is amazing! Incredibly nice too. He did my first tattoo when I was 18 and I have come back to him multiple times. The shop is clean and has a great vibe.
Sabrina Tutt
April 19, 2019

Wait was a bit long but we did walk in 10 minutes before closing and were able to get my sisters nose pierced.
Brant Snowden
April 16, 2019

Best tattoos anywhere
March 11, 2019

Went in to check it out and ended up getting a hand tattoo and meet up Andrea. Got a great price and she did it just like I asked for. I will definitely be going back to finish out my hand and arm tattoo sleeve.
v sullivan
February 20, 2019

I highly recommend this place! Andrea did a great job on my tattoo, it looks better than the example I gave her. And Milan was so patient with my daughter who was getting her first tattoo and doesn't do well with pain.
Jerrod Lopez
February 12, 2019

Amazing place! Milan is the best ever! Very welcoming as soon as you walk in!
Nik-hill Jamini
February 4, 2019

Thanks to Lone Star Tattoo for my amazing third tattoo.
February 3, 2019

Matt did a fabulous job on my double nose piercing. I will definitely be back.
Edit Sapir
January 14, 2019

Places great, and perfect work ......thank you❤
Destinee Vazquez
January 13, 2019

Went for my first tat last night, ANDREA U ROCK
Deema Izzat
January 11, 2019

You're making a huge mistake if you go anywhere else for a piercing. Everyone is so friendly and professional! The prices aren't bad at all. I definitely recommend Matt, he knows what he's doing.
January 3, 2019

Scott Cooksey is an amazing tattoo artist. My left arm sleeve turned out great! Also, he was super cool to deal with. He also was very responsive to texting and always got back to me quickly. I appreciate everything Scott! Thanks a million. Hope to get some more work done in the future.
Amanda Rix
January 1, 2019

Justin did an awesome job on my boyfriend and I. Super professional, funny, talented and quick! Highly recommend! 👌🏼
Becca Hopkins
December 28, 2018

Called to see about a walk in simple line tattoo and the guy that answered the phone was SO nice and very friendly. I called another tattoo place in dallas before Lone Star and I chose Lone Star based on not only the amazing artwork displayed, but the friendly answer to the phone made a HUGE difference! My tattoo artist was Gilbert G and he was AMAZING!! He took great care to not only draw up the exact picture of the tattoo I wanted but also he took so much diligence to set up clean tools and make sure it was placed EXACTLY where I wanted and where it looked perfect to eye level. He went so above and beyond the prep to my tattoo it was amazing! He was super friendly and made the tattoo experience really enjoyable! Even as he was finishing he made sure to fill in a couple places that needed just an extra second of attention before he wrapped my arm. I was so impressed and appreciative of the effort and diligence of his work today! My tattoo says "I am enough" and it means so much to me and he made sure it was perfect for me. I am so glad I chose to get my third tattoo here. 15/10 recommended.
Melissa Pollard
December 2, 2018

Matt did my nose piercing and he was GREAT!! From the young lady that greeted me first to some of the others in there..they were so nice. I didnt have to wait at all. Matt was so informative, sweet and he really helped me not to freak out. I will be back for my next tattoo. Keep up the great work you're doing!
November 30, 2018

great place with great service 100% go here
Victoria Kirkley
November 25, 2018

Been going to this tattoo place for almost 4 years. Everyone is friendly and has amazing talent. Shout out to Waylon, he is my artist since I moved to Texas and been with him ever since!!!
John Mohri
November 5, 2018

Andrea has done 4 of my 5 tattoos and all are great and every time I got in taken care of!
Kara Angell
November 5, 2018

I've went to Waylon for my last 3 tattoos and I highly recommend him!
Victoria Culverson
October 26, 2018

Awesome tattoo. Milan was very nice and everyone has complimented my tattoo
Purnima Bhardwaj
October 10, 2018

Got tattooed for the very 1st time 2 years ago.. Was very skeptical and scared but it went through very smooth and beautiful with less pain! Have been getting many compliments and i am NOT boasting!! I will highly recommend them as they are simply AWESOME!
JC Rodriguez
October 9, 2018

My wife had her nose pierced a few weeks ago. Everyone was very nice. Even got a quote on a Tattoo that others said they couldn't do. Will be going this Saturday to get it put on. Update: awesome job by Gilbert! I definitely found my tattoo place!
H vasquez
August 14, 2018

Greatness worth the drive!!! Scotts the man!!!
July 26, 2018

Great, family oriented tattoo shop, they make you feel like part of the family. Great prices and great options
Dezman Schaal
May 29, 2018

Gilbert is an amazing artist and super friendly
Sydney Emerson
May 25, 2018

Was able to walk-in with my Best Friend and got an amazing tattoo done by Di (Instagram is diquartel). This place is super cool and clean! The tattoo artists are super cool and nice. Overall great experience! Will be getting more ink done by them soon.
Brandon Bridges
April 16, 2018

I had an incredible experience at Lone Star. Jesse was my tattoo artist. He was very professional and created a wonderful design of my sons name.
Eric Arnold
March 13, 2018

Andrea has done all my ink. She's awesome at her craft.
Wayne Lurvey
March 5, 2018

Nice lines
March 4, 2018

Excellent tattoo shop for in North DFW. Andrea Gibson does amazing work.
Andrea Shaw
March 3, 2018

I got my septum pierced Matt was cool! He was very informative and very clean!
Caegan Jones
February 15, 2018

Recently went in and got a tattoo with a Scott Cooksey. Everyone there is incredibly friendly and helpful, Scott did a wonderful job and talked me through the aftercare process extensively. Furthermore, he texted every now and then to check on the healing process, I felt very well taken care of! Have and will continue to recommend this place to other people.
Adam Price
January 20, 2018

Waylon does a great job, all four of my tats were done by him
John Ruiz
January 10, 2018

Andrea is an amazing artist. I have three pieces from her so far, and counting. I definitely recommend paying this shop a visit for your custom work.
Dewayna Darrett
December 17, 2017

Awesome place and awsome people. Will for sure return to get tattoos in the future
Greg Baer
December 7, 2017

I've always wanted a Japanese tattoo, and after an exhaustive search to find someone who does the quality of work I was looking for I found Scott at Lone Star Tattoo. What made my situation extra challenging is that I needed to cover up two existing unflattering tattoos. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am with his work. The picture speaks for itself. Two thumbs up!!!
Hannah Koch
November 28, 2017

Great experience if you want to get a piercing done. I got my nipples done there and the entire time he made sure I was comfortable and showed me when he threw the needles away! I will definitely be going back! They really are about safety and show you when they throw the needles away. And take time to talk about post care tips.
Sanaea Gowadia
November 12, 2017

Great place, very clean and they were very nice! Scott did an amazing job and I️ had a great first time experience!
Victoria Guerra
November 7, 2017

Came in for my 2nd cartilage and 3rd lobe piercing, & Matt was awesome! Fun guy, super chill, & keeps his area clean. Plus you get a lollipop once it's all done. I'll defintely be going back.
Animal Weasel
November 6, 2017

You want to check out Lone Star Tattoo shop if you are considering a new tattoo. Great experience from tattoo design to after tattoo care. Great shop, great location, very clean, very friendly staff.
Kyle Smith
September 13, 2017

I got some bad ass traditional work by Andrea here last week and she rocks. She took her time and nailed all the details. All the staff was cool to spend the afternoon with and the shop is clean and well maintained. Although I can only speak for Andrea's work (which rocks) the shop has a laid back and inviting atmosphere. I would recommend to friends.
kristen holmes
September 11, 2017

Matt is a great piercer! Very knowledgeable on what he's doing and professional. Awesome personality and super hygienic. He makes sure your comfortable and goes over after care for your piercing thoroughly. Hands down best piercer I've experienced.
Drax Goodall
September 5, 2017

I love this place. I have only been tattooed by Dre but everyone there is super chill. I highly recommend this place.
Alex Carman
August 19, 2017

Matt is a wonderful piercer!!! Went and got the migraine piercing from him and instantly had relief from it! He definitely knows what he is doing and makes you feel comfortable during the process. Thank you! 😀
Marcellus Lewis
July 14, 2017

I'm only half done with my sleeve and I love it the work is amazing
Mina Dicterow
July 12, 2017

We took my daughter to get her lip pierced. The piercer Matt was professional, detail oriented and patient. E,plIning the process, making sure everything was clean and the placement was prrfecrt. It was a great experience for my 17year old. Thank you Matt!
May 25, 2017

I went in with a very vague idea of what I wanted (it was a celtic-style sleeve), and Scott drew up something that was beyond my expectations and incorporated it very well into the tattoo I already had. He is truly an artist and doesn't let even the most minuscule imperfection pass him by. He also offered free touch-ups afterward, which was a nice plus. I highly recommend him.
Stefanie Carter
May 8, 2017

Go to Matt for piercibgs.. HE IS AWESOME
Mark Johnson
April 27, 2017

Scott runs a great shop and does amazing work. I am very pleased with the outcome and have referred a few friends to enjoy the experience. Thanks Scott
Tanner McEwan
April 23, 2017

Great service
Andrew Tidwell
April 19, 2017

"Scott Cooksey knows what he's doing." That's an understatement. Scott understands tattooing from art to application. Not only is he a terrific artist, he has a great "touch" that puts ink in the tattoo cleanly, thoroughly and it doesn't hurt like it could. There's a reason why you pick him for your tattoo, and it's worth it. On top of all that, he's one of the coolest guys you'll meet in Dallas. Genuine, friendly, and a great person with whom to spend 6 hours.
jessica killen
April 13, 2017

I won't go anywhere else to get my work done. Scott did a beautiful job. One of my tattoos was designed by a friend and he did an amazing job translating pen and ink to tattoo. The other was a cover up and now I love my tattoo 🙂
John Tigert
April 12, 2017

Great tattoo shop, very clean and well maintained. Scott Cooksey does amazing work and also has talented artist working for him as well. Going back soon!
Spencer J.
April 6, 2017

Scott is the best and has an awesome staff. If you want you tattoo/piercing done the RIGHT way, come here.
arlen sauer
February 22, 2017

Matt, total pro.
Danny McCoy
February 18, 2017

Andrea is a boss! Keep up the good work!
sethNcarie Ingram
December 27, 2016

Robert did an amazing job I was super nervous but they made me feel comfortable and it was quick and an amazing job will suggest lonstar to anyone!!!!!
Nicholas Mussgnug
December 19, 2016

Great work done at a nice price
Steve lynch
September 30, 2016

Scott Cooksey is an amazing artist!
Kelsey Mandelke
August 24, 2016

Awesome piercing job
Savannah Pearl
June 3, 2016

Got my nose pierced here, and Matt was great. He was really funny yet still very professional and informative. I bled a lot which he didn't expect, but he still kept his cool and kept everything under control. I will definitely be back for him for my next piercing because he was very thorough in explaining after care, and any other place I've been to has always kinda blown it off by just giving me a vague sheet to read. I truly recommend him.
Shane Holmberg
April 2, 2016

Great work and very friendly.
Brian Dickey
March 4, 2016

I had 1 tattoo update and 1 new tattoo idea. They rocked them both, very happy.
Jose Figueredo
January 11, 2016

Excellent service
christian miller
September 14, 2015

I went in to this shop the other day to gets piercing. Never had one before, I was kinda nervous, but the artist Jen made me feel very at ease. I've always been apprehensive about getting one, because Ive always questioned how clean those shops really are. I would eat off the floor at Lonestar. These folks are serious about their craft. And the effort they put into maintaining their shop shows.I've had numerous friends who have gotten ink up here, and they absolutely love their work. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Cristie Maker
October 3, 2013

Highly recommend Abby's work to anyone!! She is very professional and attentive to details! Will be going back for more!
Eddie Blueyes
June 12, 2013

I provided a multicolored graphic with a good amount of detail and Scott translated it into a truly awesome tattoo. His attention to detail and artisanship was excellent and his price was comparable to other artists. I continue to receive compliments from friends and a number of strangers have asked for contact information regarding Lone Star Tattoo. I highly recommend Scott to anyone interested in quality work.

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