How Much Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist?

Here in North Dallas, a lot of people ask us how much they should tip their tattoo artist or if they should even tip at all! Hopefully this article can help lay down some guidelines for our customers that aren’t sure! 

When you pay for your tattoo, some portion of that money will go to the tattoo shop, and the remainder is for the artist. Many tattoo artists in Dallas buy their own needles, ink, and other supplies, so tipping your artist can really help them out and is a good way of letting your artist know you appreciate their work! 

It may be helpful for many people to think of tipping their artist as they would tipping a server in a restaurant. If you are happy with your new tattoo and had a good experience, you should consider leaving a 20% or greater tip. Even for a small tattoo, it is a gesture of good faith to leave a small tip for your tattooer!

Tipping is NOT mandatory, but if you have a fulfilling experience and are satisfied with the work that your artist did for you, it is very polite to leave a tip! Much of the work that a tattoo artist does is not seen by the client. Tattooers may spend hours outside of work every day drawing and perfecting designs for their clients – not to mention the years they spent in an unpaid apprenticeship just to learn the craft. All of us here at Lone Star Tattoo work hard every day to improve on our craft and deliver the best traditional tattoos to our clients, so come by our shop in North Dallas and see what we’re all about!